Manage pest infestation to protect your yields.

The battle between growers and invasive pests has been a never ending concern from the earliest start of commercial crop production. With increasing market demands, growers now face a bigger challenge to produce crops with little to zero chemical residue levels. The use of biological solutions, especially beneficial insects, plays a pivotal role in an integrated approach towards managing pests effectively and efficiently. Beneficial insects are any of a number of species of insects that perform valued services like pollination and pest control. Biological control is the use by humans of these beneficial insects such as predators and parasitoids, or pathogens such as fungi and viruses, to control unwanted insects, weeds, or diseases.

What is SkyBugs?

SkyBugs, a collaborative venture with FieldBugs, a leading integrated pest management (IPM) provider, was established to assist farmers in effectively managing pests while minimizing or avoiding the use of pesticides. With the advanced capabilities of Aerobotics technology, SkyBugs enhances the distribution of beneficial insects through drones, enabling a quicker and more efficient approach to pest control. Additionally, with the AeroView platform, farmers can digitize their agricultural operations, facilitating easier monitoring and management of pest and disease issues. FieldBugs currently supplies over 14 species of natural predators, offering a more sustainable solution to pest control challenges.

With Skybugs, you get:

  • Uniform dispersal of various beneficial insects from the drone that accurately targets your pests on a per-tree level with a 50m search radius and 20m buffer.
  • The ability to reach dense crops and the top of large trees across any terrain.
  • A time- and cost-effective solution to dispersing your beneficials that is 25x faster than manual release by covering up to 200+ha per day per drone. 
  • Even dispersion of the quality beneficials in their prime developmental condition by using our precision equipment.
  • Accurate quantification of what beneficials were dispersed where, with a detailed post flight report provided after every flight conducted.
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